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Ten Awesome Benefits of Investing in Solar

Pay less for Financing than existing Utility payment.

Many times we can finance your solar project for less money per month than you're currently paying for electricity.

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30% Fed Tax Credit.

The 30% Federal Tax Credit is a great incentive for energy efficiency projects.

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Solar Financing is smart debt!

Solar financing is the key to a smart investment!

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Solar Financing offers static, fixed budgeting. Utility does not.

Your utilities pricing will never stop going up. Solar financing allows you to lock in your rate.

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Increased property value

Property values go up when you make major changes to your existing home!

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Eliminates impact of inflation on Utility rates.

With inflation, your utility rates are going up. But not if we have anything to say about it!

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Helps ease burden on the Grid (EUS*).

Instead of having all electricity produced in one or two places, each home or business with solar is becoming a mini-producer helping to stabilize the grid.

*EUS stands for Electrical Utility System

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Prevents TONS of CO2 exhaust pollution.

Solar converts the sun's energy into alternating current supporting the reduction of fossil fuel use.

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Ability to get paid by Utility for overproduction.

Your system may produce more electricity than you're using resulting in passive residual income.

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Electricity production through Solar provides financial independence from your Utility.
 Solar electricity production provides financial independence from your Utility in the form of lower rates!
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